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おしゃれ 穴あけない ポスター アート
穴開けない おしゃれ ポスターセット
ポスターセット ミニマリスト シンプル
Art Photo Panel - Ephemeral White - Set of 4
穴開けない ポスター パネル おしゃれ
壁掛けインテリア 写真 アート
おしゃれ 壁掛けインテリア雑貨
シンプルインテリア ホワイト ポスター
写真 ポスター ラッピング

Art Photo Panel - Ephemeral White - Set of 4

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- No need to drill holes
- No frame required

A set of 4 art photo panels carefully selected from Yuragi's mysterious and fantastic photos.

Light and shadow reflected in white
Surrounded by a quiet purity
The ephemeral white world

You can easily attach multiple pieces to the wall of the room or decorate them individually.
It would be nice to widen the space between them and stick them on the walls of stairs and corridors. Enjoy your own "white world".

It's a very light panel. You can easily enjoy wall art with just the included washi tapes and magnets.

*4 panels
*4 magnets / 4 pieces of washi tape
*Instruction manual

Size: Square / approx. 127x127mm (5inx5in)
Thickness: approx. 5mm (0.2in)
Material: Polystyrene panel, photographic paper

NOTE: The included washi tapes is for high quality interior use, but depending on the material of the wall, it may peel off the surface such as wall paint. Please check the material of the wall carefully before using them.
When the adhesive strength of the Washi tape weakens, please provide your own tape.